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Our procedure

  • Companies keep us briefed on their financial vacancies
  • We select candidates based on the company / organizational profile that we receive from the company. It is also based on the description of the company, their culture, mission and goals
  • If the organization and the prospective candidate agree to a meeting, we arrange an appointment. This first encounter is designed to establish each party’s aims and objectives, looking for common interests
  • If both parties are interested, then we ensure follow-up appointments. During this placement process, we keep in close contact with the candidate as well as the client organization

Our characteristics

  • Expertise in candidate screening


  • Integrity: all résumés are handled in the strictest confidence and are presented to prospective companies anonymously
  • Clear insight into organizational culture
  • Sound judgement of candidates qualities
  • Wide-range experience in successfully selecting candidates for numerous sectors
  • Ongoing relationships with candidates and employers
  • Have high financial qualifications: higher education or a university degree


  • Hold responsible positions


  • Often have positions that prevent them openly applying for other jobs


  • Are suited to top financial positions such as controller, chief accountant, European accountant, senior economist, financial manager, financial analyst, tax specialist or EDP auditor

Our candidates

Frans & Partners International

new senses - new energy - new ambitions

Executive search

The goal of Frans & Partners International is to assist companies to find appropriate candidates for financial positions.