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In-house we developed the Work Attitude Training (WAT).

This training focuses on the qualities which are measured by the Work Attitude Scale, such as teamwork, flexibility, work attitude, ability to cope with stress, emotional stability, achievement motivation and perseverance.


In general the purpose of the training is:

  • enhancing self esteem
  • enhancing communication skills
  • enhancing the ability to cope with stress and tension
  • overcoming inhibitions
  • enhancing possibilities
  • enhancing flexibility

Work Attitude Training

The focus is management techniques, including:

  • management styles
  • (non) verbal communication
  • interview techniques
  • listening skills
  • negotiating
  • team work
  • delegating
  • handling conflict
  • time management
  • stress management

Management training

Specific training and customized workshops

This involves matching the needs of the organization and individual participants.

Example: a workshop in connection with a change due to reorganization, merger or acquisition.

Communication training

It focuses on communication principles, including:

  • the technique of asking questions
  • listening skills
  • communication accelerators and retarders
  • (non) verbal communication
  • the principle of a positive attitude
  • interview techniques
  • negotiation and presentation techniques

In addition to some parts of the communication training, including:


  • (basic) sale skills
  • factors for sales success
  • customer behaviour
  • buying objections and refute them
  • additional sales
  • selling to difficult customers
  • handling complaints
  • service and warranty policy
  • telephone sales

Commercial training

Frans & Partners International

new senses - new energy - new ambitions


Not only the society, also customers and the organization itself are in a constant flux.

Employees must adapt and need more and different skills.

Our bureau provides various training courses for this.